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Film Critic

> Initiate communication

At the start of the meeting, each participant will express their mood in relation to work so the host can best adapt the activities to follow. They do so by choosing from 13 different famous films!


Prepare a Survey activity that asks the question: ‘If your work right now were a film, it would be... ’

Only one answer is allowed. 

Our template includes 13 classic films. Feel free to change things up by using your own film programming depending on the situation. Simply add or delete films.

This is a quick activity, and usually there won’t be a need to time it.

Activity settings Survey

  • Activity format: Single choice
  • Possible answers: our selection of 13 films in this template (the list can be edited if desired)
  • Results: at the end of the activity




Start the activity and clarify the question for the group, if needed. Ask participants which of the films best represents their life at work.



Each participant answers the survey by choosing one film from the 13 that best fits their experience at work.



Feel free to get participants talking about the film choices and what these films have to say. Finish up by describing how you’re going to become a film critic and best take into account the chosen filmography for the rest of the discussions.If the films chosen are mainly dramatic (Titanic, Apocalypse Now or Jurassic Park), consult the group on the best way to continue the meeting. It might be best to postpone it or take the time to address the causes of these dramatic scripts. 

A Brainstorming activity or a DAKI could pinpoint the causes and help the team move forward.

Activity Survey
5 to 30 min
Any group
Gauge everyone’s mood at work.
Great inspiring films to sum up the one about your life! A simple way to fall into sync with others.