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Plus & Delta

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The Plus & Delta activity provides a quick way to gather comments at the end of a meeting. The participants share the benefits of the event - what went well and should be continued in the future - and the deltas, what they’d recommend changing for future meetings.


Prepare a Board with two categories: Plus and Delta. You can create a time limit for the activity. You don’t have to hold a voting session.

Activity settings Board

  • Activity format: your choice
  • Vote: none
  • Categories: Plus, Delta
  • Time management: Stopwatch or timer




Explain the purpose of the activity to the group: improve future meetings by working on our meeting processes. Specify the two categories:

  • Plus: what had value and how can this be carried over to the future?
  • Delta: what can the team change or add to increase usefulness? How can the team do better?


Ask each participant to send a plus and a delta to the Board as an action sentence.

If a participant says: ‘There was a good conversation’ (Plus), ask them ‘What action was taken to make this happen?’.
If someone says: ‘we got off topic too much’ (Delta), ask them to reword by answering ‘What can we do to avoid that next time?’


Review the Board with all the participants to make sure all elements are understood and validated by everyone. For the actions, implement a follow-up plan using the actions/decisions with a manager and a due date.

At the start of the next meeting, go over the status of actions from the previous Plus & Delta.

Suggestions and variations

The first few times, encourage people to speak up as participants may have trouble criticising the meeting.

Keep the group focus off of people but rather on the meeting’s processes; revisit the original objective if necessary.

If you have a good dynamic, you don’t have to limit yourself to a single idea per category and per participant, but instead allow the group to collaborate on the Board organically.

Activity Board
5 to 30 min
Less than 10
Collect feedback quickly using an appraisal approach.
The questions encourage participants to use ‘improvement’ language rather than language considered too negative by some.