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Weather Report

> Initiate communication

Each participant will articulate the mood they perceive in the team at the start of the meeting so the host can best adapt the activities to follow. They do so by choosing from 7 different forecasts, from clear skies to stormy weather!


Prepare a Survey activity that asks the question: ‘What’s your take on the team’s mood?’ 

Participants can only choose one answer from: ‘Clear skies’, ‘Somewhat overcast’, ‘Sun and clouds’, ‘Overcast’, ‘Gloomy’, ‘Dark and rainy’ or ‘Stormy’.

This is a quick activity, and usually there won’t be a need to time it.

Activity settings Survey

  • Activity format: Single choice
  • Possible answers: 7 forecasts
  • Results: at the end of the activity, Doughnut or Pie chart format




Start the activity and clarify the question for the group if needed. Ask participants how they feel about the climate in the team, and have them choose one of the 7 available forecasts.



Each participant completes the survey and, from among the 7 different forecasts, chooses the one best suited to the climate they perceive within the team.



Finish up by indicating how you’ll heed the barometer for the following discussion.

If the barometer tends toward gloomy, rainy or outright stormy weather, consult the group on the best way to continue the meeting. It might be best to postpone it or take the time to address the causes of this poor weather. A Brainstorming activity or a DAKI could pinpoint the causes and allow the team to move forward.

Activity Survey
5 to 30 min
Any group
Gauge the team’s frame of mind by asking for a ‘mood’ forecast.
A fun and easy way to assess the climate inside the group in a matter of minutes with a metaphor that everyone can understand