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360 HR assessment

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The 360 HR assessment is a discussion tool to prepare the annual employee appraisal. It enables employees and their managers to work together on a review of the past year and to look to the year ahead.

Suggestions and variations

We do not recommend synchronising the “360 HR appraisal” with a salary review. This would induce biases in your employee’s situation. If they think that their salary depends on the result of this assessment, they will assume a selling position.

You may be left short of information because there is no notion of scoring in this template. Our “360 HR Appraisal” is designed to help you identify and highlight your employee’s strengths that could serve the company, instead of putting your employee in a position of weakness with a long list of grievances. Remember, problems and dysfunctions can be handled throughout the year!

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Define an employee’s growth plan based on feedback from their peers and on their self-assessment
Helps to identify an individual’s strengths, qualities and skills to then mobilise them for the company.
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