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The daily meeting is where team members get in sync, enabling them to get organised, provide mutual support and discuss changes and sticking points. It’s an operational team-coordination meeting, not a status review for the manager. This meeting must be prepared beforehand by everyone to ensure that it is effective, pertinent and not longer than 15 minutes.

Suggestions and variations

Our daily meeting template focuses on team objectives, but it is very adaptable if you also work by project.  You can adapt the template and change the discussion space for example, following these nuanced variations: 

  • what I achieved yesterday
  • what I’m going to do today
  • obstacles slowing me down


  • what I’ve completed since yesterday’s daily meeting
  • what I’m going to complete today
  • areas where I need help

These examples are more focused on personal achievements than on the required tasks to complete. The structure of your discussion space is therefore to be adapted based on your team and your work context.

About the author

Author Beekast Beekast

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Team coordination to focus daily operations on the truly important topics
With Canvas Daily Meeting, every team member has an overview of the actions to be carried out for team success.
Author Beekast Beekast