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> Prioritize and decide together

Participants are asked to vote on a set of ideas. To do so, they have a number of points they can dole out among ideas they’d like to focus on the most.


The Dotmocracy or Dot Voting activity normally follows an ideation activity. Prepare a Board activity including the ideas suggested during the ideation phase.

Activity settings Board

  • Vote: by points
  • Time management: Timer (use the number of ideas to estimate the time)




Set out the rules for voting:

  • how many points does each participant have? (to be configured directly in the Board settings)
  • can the participant vote for their own ideas? (instructions)
  • the participant can allocate as many points as they like to the same idea (instructions)
  • length of time to vote

Make sure everyone understands the ideas. You can hide any columns on the Board that you wish to exclude from the vote.

Start the voting session. You can see live how many points are handed out and choose when to stop the session.



Les participants votent le plus rapidement possible. Il n'y a pas de débat à cette étape. Ils ne voient pas les votes des autres tant que vous n'avez pas arrêté la séance de vote ce qui évite de les influencer.



Once the vote is done, discuss with the group the first items that appear in the group’s results. Just the first 3 to 5 items will do. For each item discussed, you can enter an action or decision in order to ratify the consensus.

The action plan can then be sent to each person with the meeting notes.

Suggestions and variations

The list of items shouldn’t be too long: group similar ideas together (participants can then vote on the group) to avoid diluting votes

This activity is a way to take decisions quickly, but if you want further analysis, we recommend using an activity like the Eisenhower Matrix.

Do you already know what items you’d like to have the group vote on? Then you can prepare a Prioritisation activity. You can determine how many points each participant can assign in the activity’s settings.

Activity Board
5 to 30 min
2 to 50
Quickly prioritise ideas through a vote.
Let the group concentrate on the ideas they believe are most important.