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Emoji Gauge

> Initiate communication

Each participant will express their state of mind or mood about a specific topic at the start of the meeting so the host can best adapt the activities to follow.


Prepare a Survey activity with a specific question:

‘How do you feel now that April is over?’ or ‘How do you feel about discussing the implementation of project X today?’

Prepare suggestions with Emojis and the associated text: surprised, nervous, pressured, confused, happy, angry, depressed.


Only one answer is allowed. Depending on your group, configure the results in real time or at the end of the activity.

This is a quick activity and usually there won’t be a need to time it.

Activity settings Survey

  • Activity format: Single choice
  • Choices: Provide Emojis in image format
  • Results: Choose according to your group




Start the activity and clarify the question for the group if needed. Ask the participants how they feel to get the meeting started.



Each participant answers the survey by choosing the most appropriate emoji for their state of mind regarding the meeting’s topic.



Finish up by indicating how you’ll heed the gauge for the following discussion.
If the gauge tends towards negative feelings, decide with the group whether or not to proceed with the meeting, and if you do continue, everyone will need to play their part so the time is beneficial for all.

Suggestions and variations

Feel free to play with the icons to make the gauge more fun, for example:

What superhero are you?


4 templates available


Super hero

Star wars


Activity Survey
5 to 30 min
Any group
Prepare for a meeting by sounding out the group’s state of mind.
Help the team express emotions about a topic and enable the cause of problems to be addressed quickly.