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Participants will evaluate the quality of the meeting, the Return On Time Invested, so the facilitator can improve future meetings.


Prepare a ‘Your return on time invested’ Rating activity. Configure the results at the end of the activity, the 5 point rating and a 30-second timer.

If the group isn’t accustomed to this method, clarify the value of the scores in the instructions:

  • 5: Excellent, it was worth a lot more than the time spent
  • 4: Good, I gained more than the time I spent
  • 3: Just average, I didn’t waste any time, but no gains.
  • 2: Useful, but it wasn’t worth the time I spent.
  • 1: Useless, I wasted my time and learnt nothing.

Activity settings Rating

  • Number of stars: 5
  • Results: At the end of the activity
  • Time management: Timer (30 sec)




Explain to the group that you’d like quick feedback on the meeting in order to improve future ones. They need to assess the meeting’s quality off the cuff, taking about 30 seconds.



Start the activity and leave 30 seconds for the group to answer. End the activity and display the results.



Ask participants who rated it less than 3 why they did so and how to do better next time.

Suggestions and variations

The summary phase is essential, and remember the feedback from scores below 3 so you can implement improvements. The ROTI would be useless without it.

Activity Rating
5 to 30 min
2 to 50
Get instant feedback on a meeting or workshop.
Quickly and easily get feedback on the quality of a meeting in order to adopt a continuous improvement approach.