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Say it with flowers

> End communication

Participants send a flower to someone in the group to thank them for doing something that helped move things forward during this period.


Prepare a Board activity in round-by-round mode and without categories.

Activity settings Board

  • Activity format: Round by round
  • Categories: none




Remind the group that they will be sending flowers to someone who helped them make progress with a concrete action, a positive attitude or a remarkable contribution.

Ask each member of the group to prepare a Flower card in their Notepad for someone else. Explain the instructions:

  • participants choose a flower from the photo gallery (or the internet, but that can take longer)
  • then they write the name of the person to whom they wish to send the flower


Each participant takes turns to send their card using the Board and thank someone for their help, actions, attitude, etc.



End your meeting on this positive note

Suggestions and variations

You can also carry out this activity with the Selfie Wall for a more graphic effect.

Activity Board
5 to 30 min
Less than 10
Improve team cohesion and end your meeting on a positive note.
Helps to highlight group members’ positive actions, since bad points tend to stand out more than the good ones.