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Performance Review

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The Performance Review, or "Quarterly Review" session template is a structured approach designed to facilitate dialogue between managers and employees, focused on reflection and evaluation of the past three months, as well as planning goals for the upcoming quarter.

Sugerencias y variantes

  • The report should be archived for continuous monitoring and reference during the next review.
  • Vary the icebreakers from one session to another to maintain a spirit of freshness and engagement.
  • For smaller teams or those requiring closer monitoring, consider holding this meeting every month to maintain constant alignment and to dynamically respond to emerging challenges.

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Author Beekast Beekast

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Sugerencias y variantes
60 min y más
Menos de 10
Evaluate and discuss past performance, plan future goals, and align expectations between the employee and the manager.
Strengthens communication, fosters professional development, increases employee engagement, and improves overall performance.
Author Beekast Beekast