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> Explore and brainstorm together

Each participant uses a sketch to represent their take on the workshop’s topic. The sketches are then presented in succession to the other participants, who are asked to interpret them. These interpretations, under the guise of another participant’s drawing, often reveal the unsaid.


Prepare a Board activity by creating one category per participant and numbering them (don’t assign names so as to protect anonymity). 

Participants must have a sensitive topic in common and this will be the theme of the workshop. It may be a difficult project, a team with damaged morale or any other difficulty that affects them all directly or indirectly.

Activity settings Board

  • Activity format: Round by round and anonymous ideas
  • Time management: Timer (30-60 min)
  • Categories: as many categories as participants




Kick off the activity by specifying the topic the workshop will address. 

Participants must then depict the matter as a drawing, without any letters or symbols! Once the sketches have been made and added to the Notepad, the facilitator displays the first sketch and asks the participants (except the creator of the sketch) to post their interpretations by sending in ideas ... Each drawing will be interpreted in turn. 



Each participant takes a few minutes to draw a picture depicting the situation and then takes a photo of it to put in the Notepad. The facilitator places them in the various categories, one drawing per category.



The facilitator asks the participants to interpret the first drawing. Each participant does so by sending an interpretation to the drawing’s category. The facilitator should make sure to explain that participants need to interpret the drawing, not just describe it. The facilitator then reads the interpretations one after the other (to protect anonymity), and all participants comment on them. Pay attention! It’s very likely that, under the guise of another person’s sketch, some comments will reveal the true causes of the current problem.



To finish up, identify the most interesting ideas (the ones that best explain the problem being examined). Straight after, you can set up an action plan to kickstart a new dynamic. You can create the actions using the ideas on the Board or directly in the discussion space so that they’ll show up in your meeting notes.

After finishing this exploration workshop, you may wish to follow up with another one, such as Brainstorming, to churn up some more complex solutions.

Activity Board
5 to 30 min
Less than 10
Examine a topic by exploring its various aspects and emphasising things unsaid.
One of the best ways of untying tongues in record time on sensitive topics that participants are hesitant to speak about.