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Who is who

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Energise the start of your meeting by offering your participants the opportunity to discover themselves in an original way by finding the statements that correspond to each candidate.

Suggesties en variaties

You can vary this activity by asking participants to come up with statements on specific topics: your favourite film, the sport you play, your passion, your department of birth, etc.

Over de auteur

Author Beekast Beekast

Bevorder de groepsintelligentie tijdens uw meetings, leidt actieve workshops of geef een dynamische twist aan uw meetings dankzij de acitiviteitenmodellen van Beekast.

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5 tot 30 min
2 tot 30
To get to know each other in a playful way
Creative ice-breaker, fun and easy to handle by the participants
Author Beekast Beekast